About Jeff Goe

Photography has been in my blood since I was a small boy. I bought my first camera when I was 12 years old with my birthday money, and I have never put it down. My passion for photography engulfs me, as I’m always looking at the world through a lens. Visions of concepts and composition invade my mind; ideas of manipulating light and exploring its endless affects is a presence that always plagues my thinking.

Life is a precious filmstrip of images.  Capturing those images through life is so vital to me, I tend to think of it like running water, once it flows out of the faucet and down the drain it’s gone for good.  It then becomes a vague memory in the mind. Capturing a picture from that faucet or filmstrip seizes that moment forever, in essence stopping time. When you take that snapshot its more than a 2D image it’s a four dimensional memory filled with an experience and emotion to bring you back to that time and invoke memories surrounding that specific moment. It captures not only a memory but an emotion that can be shared.  It creates an experience you can relive over and over again. Part of life is enjoying and reliving those memories.

I’m a true camera techie; the latest camera gear gets me wild with excitement. I’m always in search of the next new technology to better my craft. Although I do believe in old school camera skills and great imagination to produce the best image possible, It doesn’t hurt to make your job a little easier with some of the exceptional equipment accessible to us today.

Headshots and portfolio work is my passion, as its one on one which allows me to work mostly with one person and bring out the absolute best for my client. Creating that perfect expression, lighting and composition that is true to my client is what makes me thrive. I’m only satisfied when my client is extremely satisfied with the results.

Photography has been incredible outlet to explore my creativity and most importantly share with others, especially family and my clients. Although headshots are my expertise, I also enjoy landscape photography when I get the chance. When it’s in your blood you enjoy all photography.

The times I don't have a camera in hand you'll find me weight lifting, researching the next healthy super food, traveling and spending time with my precious daughter.

Never let life impede on your ability to manifest your dream. Dig deeper into your dream and deeper into yourself. In life, believe that anything is possible.  It’s up to you to make it happen.

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